Sai Temple

It is near the wheelhouse restaurant on the top of the hill overlooking the Sahastradhara Valley. A nice place to pray. It gives you immense mental peace to pray at a calm location on a hilltop.

Time to visit Important

If you want to enjoy the place in peace, it is best to visit in the morning, before the crowd (and a little hooliganism) starts. Otherwise, any time is okay. A great place in Dehradun not to be missed. Even the drive to the place is charming. Mind you that the place is not exactly on the Dehradun Mussorie Road, so if you want to club this place with Mussorie, you will have to keep aside 45-60 mins for visiting this place. If you are not bathing, at least drink the water as it cascades down the hill.

It is an amazing place surrounded by the mountains it is full of natural beauty. It is a favorite picnic spots not only for thousands of families from Dehradun, but it attracts a lot of tourists from all over. It is situated in the outskirts of Dehradun, commutation is not a problem, one can opt for either the personal conveyance or can also go for public transport which is easily available at very economical prices. The stream of water has a nominal flow which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy, even those who are afraid of going in waters, need not to worry as it is not too deep and for additional security, it is constructed in the form of small dam. There are multiple small dams built by the stream of water where you can enjoy with family.